About Yale PA Online

White Coat Ceremony Class of 2024

The mission of Yale PA Online is to improve the health of all people by transforming medical education through innovation. 

Yale’s PA Online Program awards a Master of Medical Science (MMSc) and prepares graduates to seek licensure as physician assistants. The curriculum blends online classes with in-person learning experiences, with students required to complete clinical placements and attend two immersions and graduation on Yale’s campus. Learn about the Yale PA Online curriculum here.

Yale PA Online Program Values

The PA Online Program values:

  • higher-order learning
  • critical thinking 
  • bioethical principles 
  • diversity, inclusion, justice & equity

Yale PA Online Program Educational Philosophy/Principles

  • The PA Online Program facilitates the acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to adapt to the health care access needs in their communities and inform future trends in health care delivery.   
  • The PA Online Program employs learning methodologies including: lecture, role-playing, small group sessions, standardized patients, independent research, virtual or augmented reality simulation, and case-based problem solving (all done via asynchronous and/or synchronous methods), as well as clinical experiences. 
  • PA Online students and alumni are
    • Aware of their professional role and limitations
    • Insightful of the values of their patients, and those of other health professionals
    • Advocates for their patients
    • Leaders in their communities and in health care
    • Life-long learners of the art and science of medicine who ask questions, uncover meaning, and make informed decisions.

A Hybrid Approach to Learning

With classes delivered online, Yale PA Online offers students across the country the chance to attend the Yale School of Medicine (YSM) without relocating. PA Online students are fully integrated members of the Yale community, with access to the same resources as on-campus students, including YSM’s medical library. Students also work closely with Yale faculty who are leading researchers and scholars.

Students are required to apply their knowledge in real-world situations. Every student completes 16 months of clinical training, as well as 120+ hours of clinical activity in the Clinical Experience in Early Didactic program. Discover the Online Campus here.

To learn more about Yale PA Online, request information and an admissions counselor will contact you.