Tuition and Financial Aid

With activity and technology fees, we estimate the total cost of the 28-month hybrid program at $118,419. Note that this figure should only be used for estimation purposes as tuition rates are reassessed each academic year and students can expect a moderate tuition increase in the fall of each year.

Tuition and Fees (Per Semester)

Activity Fee
Technology Fee

Student Budget

The total cost of attendance includes tuition, room and board, books, transportation, health insurance, immersions, and other expenses. Tuition, the activity fee, and the technology fee are all direct expenses charged by Yale University. All other expenses are indirect and subject to the individual student. Yale School of Medicine calculates aid based on an estimated cost of attendance, with allowances added for married students and/or students with dependents. This budget gives applicants and students a summary of the cost of attending the Yale Physician Assistant Online Program for each academic year.

2023-2024 Student Budget

ItemFirst Academic YearSecond Academic YearThird Academic Year
Activity Fee
Technology Fee
Books and Supplies
Room and Board (National Averages)
Personal and Immersion Transportation (National Averages)
Hospitalization and Misc. Medical Expenses
Travel to Rotations (may vary greatly depending on required travel distance)
Total Budget
Late Graduation Fee

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Note: Budget items are estimations only and are subject to change. Living expenses and transportation costs may vary greatly depending on where you reside and your living arrangements. Any costs related to travel, housing or food for distant sites are the responsibility of the student.

Financial Aid Process

The Yale School of Medicine (YSM) Office of Financial Aid processes financial aid for Yale PA Online students.  U.S. citizens and permanent residents are encouraged to apply for financial aid once they receive an offer of acceptance and have remitted the non-refundable seat deposit.  Only at that time, is the YSM Financial Aid Application opened for students to complete.  The application can be found on the YSM Financial Aid website.

Each student must complete the following items annually to be considered for financial aid in the upcoming academic year:

  1. Yale School of Medicine Application for Financial Aid for the current year.
  2. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Yale’s school code for the FAFSA is 001426. Applicants must also authorize the IRS data retrieval.  Should the office determine additional documentation must be submitted, the student will be notified directly. 

The Office of Financial Aid will process the applications of newly-matriculated students in the fall.  Because the program begins in January, students are “off-cycle” with the University in their first year.  Financial aid is awarded by term and there are three terms per year. The first award letter will include spring and summer terms only. (Note: Returning PA Online students should apply for financial aid by April each year, and award letters will begin going out in late spring and early summer.)

The award letter will include instructions on how to accept, reduce, or decline the aid awarded.  Once aid is accepted, students are instructed to return the award letter, acknowledge the amounts, complete an online entrance interview and a Master Promissory Note (MPN).  Only once these steps are completed will the accepted award post to the Student Information System (SIS) and show on the e-bill. 

If a student intends to apply for a Grad PLUS federal loan or a private loan, we highly recommend that they check their credit report prior to applying, as those loans are credit based.  Credit reports should be reviewed semi-annually with at least one of the free government credit reporting agencies to avoid any identity theft issues or credit errors.

Yale PA Online does not currently offer need-based or merit-based scholarships. Therefore, in addition to applying for Title IV federal education loans, students may explore alternative scholarship opportunities. 

With a little research, scholarship opportunities may be found at local, state, or national levels.  Some national clubs, athletic teams, or private organizations may offer scholarships.  Other scholarships may be targeted toward individuals with specific interests.  Try search engines such as or

For students interested in working in underserved communities, the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) offers two options.  One is a Scholarship track and the other a Loan Repayment track.  We encourage students to research both options.

Additionally, the Yale PA Online Program supports VA educational benefits and Yellow Ribbon. Click here for additional information about the university’s Military Benefits and Graduate Financial Aid.

Tuition Refund

The following rules apply to the rebate and refund of tuition:

  1. For purposes of determining the refund of institutional aid funds and for students who have not received aid:
    1. 100 percent of tuition will be rebated for withdrawals that occur on or before the end of the first 10 percent of the term.
    2. A rebate of one-half (50 percent) of tuition will be granted for withdrawals that occur after the first 10 percent of the term but on or before the last day of the first quarter of the term.
    3. A rebate of one quarter (25 percent) of tuition will be granted for withdrawals that occur after the first quarter of a term but on or before the day of Midterm.
    4. Students who withdraw for any reason after Midterm will not receive a rebate of any portion of tuition.
  2. The death of a student shall cancel charges for tuition as of the date of death and the Bursar will adjust the tuition on a pro rata basis.
  3. If the student has received student loans, funds will be returned in the order prescribed by regulations. Please note, fees are not refunded.

To learn more about Yale PA Online, request information and an admissions counselor will contact you.