2017-2018 Student Budget

The total cost of attendance includes tuition, room and board, books, transportation, health insurance, and other expenses. Tuition, the activity fee, and the technology fee are all direct expenses charged by Yale University. All other expenses are indirect and subject to the individual student. Yale School of Medicine calculates aid based on an estimated cost of attendance, with allowances added for married students and/or students with dependents. This budget gives applicants and students a summary of the cost of attending the Yale Physician Assistant Online program for each academic year.

Student Budget
Item First Year Second Year Third Year
Tuition $40,500 $40,500 $13,500
Activity Fee $600 $600 $200
Technology Fee $600 $600 $200
Books and Supplies $1,770 $460 $0
Equipment $565 $320 $0
Room and Board (National Averages) $17,651 $17,651 $5,887
Personal and Immersion Transportation (National Averages) $4,654 $4,654 $1,548
Hospitalization and Misc. Medical Expenses Per Student Policy Per Student Policy Per Student Policy
Travel to Rotations (may vary greatly depending on required travel distance) $500 $3,615 $1,205
Total Budget $66,840 $68,400 $22,540
Continuing Registration Fee (post May graduates) $1,000    

Note: Budget items are estimations only and are subject to change. Living expenses and transportation costs may vary greatly depending on where you reside and your living arrangements. Any costs related to travel, housing or food for distant sites are the responsibility of the student.