On-Campus Immersions

Immersions I and II are mandatory in-person learning experiences on Yale’s New Haven, Connecticut campus. Students meet, study, and practice skills with classmates and professors as they connect with the broader Yale community. Throughout immersions, students demonstrate their skills in simulated and real-world environments.

The immersions are generally one week in length. The first immersion occurs in March first term of the didactic year, and the second immersion occurs in December of the didactic year. The third immersion occurs just prior to program completion. Travel, hotel, and food costs are the student’s responsibility and are reflected in the student budget.

“Being on campus during immersions is something that will never leave me. It was a tangible reminder that we really were a part of this prestigious university!”

– Rebecca Preston ’20, MMSc, PA-C

Simulation Lab

While on campus, students work in the Yale Center for Healthcare Simulation, a state-of-the-art facility that allows students to train for medical practice in a safe, supervised environment. Students work through real-world scenarios, from taking a patient’s medical history, to speaking with a concerned family member, to assisting with a surgery. Throughout each case, students are offered feedback from observing PA faculty members and classmates. Specific tasks that students will practice include:

  • Suturing
  • Splinting
  • Injections
  • Foreign body removal/slit lamp
  • Nasal gastric tube insertion
  • IV placement

Lectures and Speakers

Immersions are a great opportunity for students and faculty to connect in person, but they also offer a chance to bring all our online students together to hear from influential guest lecturers and keynote speakers. Each immersion presents a new opportunity for students to learn firsthand about changes and innovations in the PA field.

To learn more about Yale PA Online, request information and an admissions counselor will contact you.