Online Campus

For more than two centuries, the Yale School of Medicine has remained at the forefront of innovation and academic excellence in the field of medicine. The Yale Physician Assistant (PA) Online Program bolsters this commitment to the field by making a Yale education accessible to highly qualified candidates nationwide.

The Online Campus, our sophisticated platform designed specifically for online learners, is the central hub for all program activities. The dashboard provides access to classes, assignments, grades, support and channels to communicate with peers and professors. Yale PA Online faculty structure online classes and coursework based on research regarding pedagogical and curricular effectiveness.

Through the Online Campus, Clinical Experience in Early Didactic, clinical rotations and on-campus Immersions, students become integrated members of the Yale community and prepare to provide compassionate, high-quality, patient-centered care.


Yale PA Online classes are held face-to-face in a virtual classroom with HD streaming video and audio. Taught by Yale School of Medicine faculty, sessions are designed with discussion and debate in mind, and the virtual classroom features dynamic tools that support the student and faculty experience.

Breakout Rooms

Instructors can break students into small groups for problem-solving and discussion.

Live Chat

Students can chat with one another or with professors during live class sessions.

Presentation Mode

Professors can share slides, graphs, or even videos or let students present.

Recorded Classes

All classes are recorded as they take place, so students can later review discussions.

Yale PA Online classes are not lectures, but real-time presentations and group discussions to review topics and ideas learned in coursework. We cap sessions at 12 to 15 students to encourage collaboration and connection.


Yale School of Medicine faculty work with a world-class team to turn their traditional lectures into engaging online coursework. Medical concepts are intrinsically complex, but our faculty have brought this PA curriculum to life through the use of current technologies.

Features such as dark theme, focus mode, searchable video transcripts and adjustable video speed allow students to customize their experience based on their learning styles and other sensory needs.

Coursework includes:

Recorded Lectures

Professors record lectures of key topics to discuss during live classes.

Video Case Studies

Students watch simulations of real patients to learn and understand key skills.

Interactive Content

Students receive feedback on assignments from professors and classmates.

Coursework is always accessible anywhere students have an internet connection. And when they are on the go, students can use the Online Campus mobile app to complete assignments, maintain schedules and catch up with classmates. The app also features an offline mode, so students can download videos to view and complete assignments in areas with no connection.


Yale PA Online students live and work all over the country, but the Online Campus offers a virtual meeting place that everyone can access 24/7.

Online Campus features:

Social Groups

Students can create or join special interest groups with students from across the program.

Virtual Hangouts

Classmates can stay connected and meet up at any time in the virtual classroom.

Office Hours

Students can make appointments for one-on-one meetings with professors.


Yale supports PA Online students throughout the academic journey, ensuring success and a connection to the University. Students are also connected to the Yale campus—for example, they have full access to the Yale Cushing/Whitney Medical Library and the entire Yale library system.

How Yale supports online students:

Admissions Support

Admissions counselors work with candidates across the application process.

Student Success

Advisors track students’ progress and offer non-academic support throughout the program.

Career Support

Professional career coaches provide resources and personalized support to help students most effectively represent their professional skills and assets.

Technical Support

Specialists are on call 24/7 to help with any technological concerns.

Placement Assistance

Yale PA Online students spend over half the program completing clinical rotations, where they gain real-world experience working in teams and honing the skills and knowledge learned in classes and coursework. Yale placement specialists identify and secure placement sites that uphold Yale School of Medicine’s academic and professional standards. Yale faculty vet and approve all placements and clinical preceptors.

To learn more about Yale PA Online, request information and an admissions counselor will contact you.