Transcript Requests

Request a transcript online:

  • Current students and alumni with a Yale NetID can place an order by signing in through the Yale Hub, clicking on “Academics,” and selecting “Transcript Orders.”
  • Alumni and former students unable to sign in to SIS will order directly through the Parchment website.
  • See our transcript request FAQ for more information.


Online transcript orders require payment by credit or debit card. The charge is $10 per transcript. Mail and express delivery options are available for an additional fee. (See our transcript request FAQ.) Payment for the full amount of a transcript order must be received before the order can be processed.

Certification Requests

The Program Registrar can certify enrollment, registration, graduation status, and academic standing for current students and alumni. We can also process deferments for school loans. Students should complete a Certification Request Form to submit a request.

Academic Standing

Letters of Academic Standing are produced for current students who request confirmation of their academic standing at the University. The letter will only state whether or not the student is in good academic standing. Any additional content requested must be specifically indicated on the request form.


Letters of Enrollment primarily certify the semesters in which a student is or has been enrolled, the dates of those semesters, and the student’s enrollment. Only past and present semesters can be certified for enrollment. Enrollment verifications will only be completed after the student has attended classes for two weeks.


Letters of Graduation are used to confirm that an individual has completed a degree program and been awarded a degree from the University. These letters primarily certify the degree that was awarded and the date of graduation. Other information can be included as long as it can be supported by the student’s academic record.

Loan Deferment Forms

Loan Deferment Forms, once submitted to a lender, may allow a student to defer repayment of a student loan. Typically, these forms certify a student’s enrollment dates, status, and anticipated date of graduation. Lenders will usually provide a student with the deferment form, but if one has not been provided, the Program Registrar can produce an enrollment letter. Only past and present semesters can be certified. If a semester has not yet started, it is not a “present semester” even if registration exists. Loan deferment forms will only be completed after the student has attended classes for two weeks.

Yale University uses the services of the National Student Clearinghouse, which means that information is sent electronically at least three times during the semester for currently enrolled students to lenders who participate in this service. Students should consult with their lenders to see if a loan deferment form is required. If your lender is not a participant, you will need to get the appropriate deferment form from your lender.

Professional Certifications

Professional Certifications can be used to verify the professional education for past and present students. All materials must be provided to the Registrar at the time of the request. Medical licensure applications will generally require the student’s dates of attendance and date of degree. Some forms may ask the department to certify that an attached photograph is indeed the student.

Name/SSN Changes

Please submit a Name/SSN Change Form with copies of appropriate documentation as indicated on the form.

Gender Changes

Yale University supports the right of students to change how their gender is identified in University records. Any student may designate their gender identity in Yale Hub, and it may be different from their legal sex.

To change your gender, log in to Yale Hub (, click on the “Personal Data” menu, and select “My Gender.” The first time you view your gender, the University record of your legal sex will be displayed. You may edit your gender by selecting any of the three available codes: M, F, or N. An optional open text field is available if you wish to add information. This field may be left blank. You may return to the My Gender page at any time to update or change your gender information.

VA Benefits

To request VA Educational Benefits, send your Certificate of Eligibility to the Program Registrar. This will ensure timely processing of your benefits prior to the start term.

Grading Policy

Grades are reported in the following manner:

  • H: Honors (94–100%)
  • P: Pass (72–93.99%)
  • F: Failure (Below 72%)
  • INC: Course was incomplete
  • W: Withdrawal

The Yale PA Online Program does not calculate GPA. Yale does not calculate class rank or standing.


All diplomas and certificates are managed by the Yale University Registrar’s Office. If you are looking for certified copies, replacement diplomas, or even translations, please visit the diploma website.

Voting Information

Federal law mandates that all colleges and universities in the country make voter registration forms available to all students attending their institutions who are eligible to vote. The ability to vote in national, state, and local elections is both a privilege and a responsibility.

Use TurboVote for voter registration assistance. Select YaleVotes on the Main tab in SIS or go directly to the TurboVote webpage.

TurboVote is a non-partisan online application designed to help people register to vote. Yale has implemented TurboVote as part of a student-driven YaleVotes initiative to increase voter registration and participation across all schools in the upcoming elections. Students who elect to use TurboVote receive assistance with voter registration and may opt to have election reminder information sent to them via text and email notification.