Student Interest Groups

Yale PA Online students can participate in any of our Student Interest Groups. These groups allow students to focus on issues of interest and form deeper connections with classmates who share these interests. The Student Interest Groups are created and led by students. Learn more about our current Student Interest Groups below.

Global Health

The mission of the Yale PA Online Global Health Student Interest Group is to prepare students for leadership and service as a PA in global health in an increasingly interconnected world. We partner with PAs for Global Health (PAGH) to bring speakers who have experience providing medical services internationally. We also have the opportunity for students to present on their experiences or write about global health in the PAGH newsletter. 

Medical Society

The Yale PA Online Wilderness Medical Society Student Interest Group serves our PA students by creating opportunities for growth in medical and outdoors knowledge and skills, networking within the wilderness medical community, and providing a space to actively engage with peers who are interested in wilderness medicine and education.

Future Educator

The Future Educator Special Interest Group is affiliated with the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) and open to any student with an interest in teaching. This special interest group is an opportunity to collaborate with other students and educators involved in physician assistant education as well as clinical practice. The mission of the group is to provide educational resources, insight, and mentorship from current PA educators. It is also a platform for students interested in education to share their ideas and advance their initiative under the guidance of PA educators.


The Veterans Student Interest Group of the Yale PA Online Program is a student-veteran-led community connecting our veterans across the nation to help them achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals. From sharing of resources, member-to-member support, philanthropic activities, outreach to our respective local communities, and advocacy on legislation pertaining to veterans, we serve to become a beacon for veterans hopeful of gaining access to and succeeding in higher education. This group was created in 2020 by Yale medical student veterans looking for a way to bring together military veterans within our virtual campus, reach out to returning vets across the community, and provide resources and mentorship for future students.

POCUS (Point-of-Care Ultrasound)

The POCUS (point-of-care ultrasound) Student Interest Group is for Yale PA Online students who share a passion for clinician-operated point-of-care ultrasound. The group meets regularly to learn and discuss ultrasound techniques, review and discuss trends and clinical cases in POCUS, and receive lectures and resources from POCUS experts. Anyone interested in point-of-care ultrasound is welcome to join.